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How You Can Pray

As we launch Captivate Christian Church we are so humbled to have so many of our friends around the country willing to pray for our efforts. If you could (as you read this) please pray for us in the following ways:

- Tally and Kristy to sell their house in Virginia Beach. Since November we've carried two homes and with the addition of our daughter in January lets just say that it's been a financial challenge. By God's grace we are not behind on anything but just to shoot straight with our friends, we need that house to sell.

- Captivate location- We have surveyed our area and haven't seen the right place yet. We are going to look again with a fresh set of eyes and now look for secondary options. Our ideal locations haven't fleshed out to this point. I'm believing we'll end up in a great space but we would like that to be nailed down soon. My internal deadline was Easter Sunday so while we're not very far behind our projections we certainly would like to nail that down soon.

- Fund Raising for 2/3yrs- We have a few potential partners walking through the necessary processes as they consider financial partnership. We can hit our goals if even 1/3 of them come through. Please pray for our fund raising efforts. If you're interested in contributing, feel free to visit our site here and follow the instructions at the bottom center of the screen.

- Staffing Positions- We have two positions I'd like to see us fill by the summer. You can pray toward that end.

- Small Groups- We'll start small groups here soon. Pray that God brings us those who He would use to grow this church and expand our influence. We don't want these small groups to become small churches but rather catalysts for all we'll do in the area.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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