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The Remnant

Many times in scripture I see the theme that God uses a remnant.

In our pop-church-ceo-modeled-star-of-the-show-turn-key church world we tend to focus on the one dude who packed up his stuff and saw God sweep a city or a town. Whether that one dude sold tomatoes, preached revivals or led a group of college kids to start a church... we focus a lot on the one dude. What that one dude knows in his heart is that the only way it happened was because while God was grooming and preparing him, God was at work somewhere else grooming and preparing a people who would become the main thrust of a movement.

Nehemiah didn't rebuild the wall and a city, he simply gave a rallying cry to a remnant.

I'm overwhelmed with excitement as I meet people here who are longing and thirsty for the vision God has birthed in my heart. I want you to know now that if you ever hear of a great move of God that has anything to do with what we're doing it is because long before I arrived God was moving in the lives of people here and preparing their hearts to be a part of that move.

Mark my words. When God breaks it loose here it will not be because I am some 5 star Christian leader... it's because God in his sovereignty is up to something here and he happened to connect me with some others here who were simply waiting and longing and praying for a church like ours to hit the scene.

There is indeed a remnant here and I'm humbled to be getting on the scene for such a time as this.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, February 12, 2009


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