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Kids Reaching Kids

As the Chruch Starter here with TheBaltimoreProject.com one of the things that has consumed much of my time the last few months is the area of partnership development. We've been blessed with some great partners already that have allowed us to jump past the 60% mark in financial commitments over our first two years. We have a handful of potential partners on the line and in the next few weeks I'll be out again casting vision with hopes to develop a few more.

What we've been trying to do is offer as many types of avenues of participation as possible. Our partnerships are coming from every source imaginable: individuals, small groups, churches, organizations and businesses. Our team members are talking to their personal networks as well as each making sacrifices to make this thing happen. We know that many churches do not currently have finances set aside for church planting but most churches DO want to help spread the gospel in a place that needs it.

We're working to provide all types of aveneues to be a partner in this church start. One of my goals has been to provide as many "on-ramps" to partnership as possible. I'd like to share with you one such opportunity today!

Let me introduce to you "The VBS Project"!

The jist is this... each summer churches across the country hold their annual "VBS" and at the end of the week there is usually a "VBS Offering". This offering is commonly given toward a missions project at the descression of the VBS Director or team.

The offerings can range between a hundred bucks and a few thousand depending on the size of the VBS.

What we're attempting to do is reach out to VBS Directors and Children's Ministers across the country to pool their resources and contribute to our church start in Baltimore, MD. While $200 may seem like a small amount to give to a misionary we see the value in cooperation! What if your child's VBS or Kid's Ministry could contribute with kids around the country to outfit a kids ministry for the kids of Baltimore, MD?

What if a church plant was able to reach out to more kids because of the effort of kids from around the country?

That's the vision of TheVBSProject.com! Kids cooperating to reach out to other kids.

I want to encourage you to go to the site and download a full color PDF and distribute it on our behalf. Get it in the hands of those who make decisions for your church. ALSO IF YOUR CHURCH DOES NOT DO VBS- we're releasing a second site in a few days that is identical but promoted toward partnering as a part of your weekly service.

Some features coming to TheVBSProject.com are videos from our Director of Children's Ministry -around whom the cartoon was loosely designed, a listing of participating churches and a calendar for when those churches will do their VBS.

In the next few days we'll unveil another way to participate with us. This one is geared toward adult small groups! We're really praying that God allows these avenues to be creative opportunities for people to partner with us as we bring life to the people of Baltimore!

What are you still here for? Go to TheVBSProject.com right away!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, February 10, 2009


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