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Coaching is Key part 1

I love coaching. I love giving coaching and I honestly enjoy receiving coaching.

Today I was able to give coaching to someone ministering in Baltimore at a commitment level that would make the best of us blush in embarrassment. Much of what the blogging/twittering church world complains about pales in comparison to the homicides, drug dealers and violence that breaks out on this person's mission field. To know this person of God is an honor.

I figured it'd be cool to share how I went about this coaching session in case you want to help someone in your life but can't find the words. I also must tell you that this isn't brand new. I think Solomon said something about that. This is one method and I've learned this from several sources. Most recently Mark Batterson spoke on this a few weeks back on his blog. Before that I heard hints of this in a message by Ed Young. Before that I'm certain a mentor shared it with me. The point? It's old. It's proven. It's also solid which is why so many people pass it around.

Next Post: How I approach coaching situations.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, January 07, 2009


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