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Why We're Here

Today I was out and about in the community running some errands when I got into a conversation with a woman about why I moved back to the area. She seemed intrigued that I would return here to start a church. She said "I don't know if audacity is the right word but I guess I'm inspired by your willingness to do what you believe you should be doing... courage I guess."

I smiled and we began talking about her faith experience. She said "My husband's family has some older people in it who are Southern Baptist and I've tried taking my kids there but I guess its... umm... there's... no life. It just doesn't seem to be a place filled with life."

She continued "I'm going to be checking your church out. It sounds like something I'd be into."

For the record we are an SBC church. I've found that people associate entire denominations by snapshots of experience. It's not their fault. Her comment wasn't about theology... it was about atmosphere. In her terms, life.

So here is a woman who appeared to be in her early 30's who is married with children. She's tried church in the past but walked away feeling that the church wasn't a place filled with life. Now she's getting 'life' from her job, television and friends. This is one of the types of people whom God has called us to reach. Today I got just another reminder (of many) that we are indeed called to be here at this time to partner with God building His Church.

People like this are why we're here. To bring life.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, January 05, 2009


At 8:21 PM, Blogger thelg said...

Hey Tally,

I have been following you for a couple months through twitter, facebook, and your blog. I am enjoying your stories, and your God inspired vision. You make me want to move to Baltimore. I am in Texas but will come check you out the next time I visit my bro in Philly. God Bless you brother!!

God Bless,
Todd Helgesen


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