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Catalyst Labs Session 1

Just wrapped up a great lunch with John Burke and Craig Whitney from ELI. These guys are asking the right questions and developing the right systems to put out healthy, reproducing churches for today's generation. Ohh yeah, some dude named Vince came through the joint.

Right now I'm sitting in the first of four 'Labs'. The labs are focused on specific aspects of leadership and life. Right now Tim Elmore is talking about "E.P.I.C. Leadership". He's offering insight into today's culture and how to lead them. He's advocating a "Poet Gardner" leadership which relies more on asking questions and pulling together the best strengths to work together.

On stage he's flanked by cutouts of the Wizard of Oz characters.

Here are a few characteristics of the Poet Gardner leader:
A. They are more highly relational.
B. They interpret culture and reflect well.
C. They are emotionally secure.
D. They share ownership freely.
E. They empower others well.
F. They are comfortable with uncertainty. (people need clarity, they can live with uncertainty)
G. They listen and foster self-discovery. (helping people own the answer on their own)
* Jesus was the ultimate Poet Gardener. He asked questions in answer to questions.
H. Embrace the role of mentor.
I. They are less formal in structure.
J. They are driven by service, not ego.

Insights about our own leadership style:

1. Our style often comes from the era when we learned to lead.
2. Our willingness to adapt will impact our relevance.
3. Our situation determines what style we must employ.
4. Our style determines who we attract.
5. In organizations, your style must reflect the maturity of your followers.
6. The new kind of leader communicates through images and stories.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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