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Catalyst Labs 2- John Burke

I'm sitting in John Burke's "lab".

On this one I'm not going to hit a point by point but rather give you a thought about this dude. John is a man who bleeds grace. If you read his book "No Perfect People Allowed" you will see story after story of John and his church exhibiting GRACE to those searching for God.

At lunch we got to talking about how you see a church with a similar DNA as what John talks about. A friend of mine once gave the illustration that the church is full of "Christian Musty". You know that smell when you go into an attic and find a bin full of clothes that's been sitting for a long time? Then you pull that bin open and smell the clothes only to smell a distinct odor of NO MOVEMENT. You get the same thing when you open up a closet of clothes that haven't been touched. Musty.

Churches that aren't embracing the culture have a proverbial "smell". A church reaching and loving the lost will not have a distinct smell. Except maybe the smells of its people. If your church doesn't have any smell of cigarette smoke, alcohol or a lack of hygiene... I'm not convinced you're reaching the people Jesus called us to love.

I encourage you to go get the No Perfect People Allowed book above and also check out his new work called "Soul Revolution".

Ohh yeah, on top of being a fantastic leader John also has great taste in facial hair!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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