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Catalyst Labs 3- Reggie McNeal

If you can get your hands on his stuff... GET IT!

"We're desperate for great leaders!"--Reggie McNeal

Great leaders bless people!
People who are around great leaders feel that their lives are in a better place because of being around the great leader.

"I can fast quicker than most people... I can get mine done in between meals!"

The Discipline of Self Awareness-
This is the single greatest piece of information you can have. Who you are.

People live in such a way as to say "If you pay me I will dance for you!"

If you do not know who you are at the core, people following you are getting whiplash!


1. Your ability to have relationships was formed in your family.
What is the emotional velcro of your life?
Can people stick to you or not? Can they find themselves in you or not?

Is there a long string of broken relationships because of the screw ups of a lot of other people or AM I THE ELEMENT THAT IS COMMON?

This can be an awakening moment when we finally start taking responsibility for what we do.
Figure out where you are to take responsibility.
2. The family is where you first learned to FIGHT.
More people watch you when you're dealing with conflict than anything else.

What is your ability to handle criticism.

We've been told to practice Matthew 18. You can sprinkle the pixie dust of Matthew 18

A. Don't count your critics, weigh 'em.
* If you want to wrestle a knat, you'll win every time but lose capital doing it.
* Conversely you need to be open to a representative of a group to see if there is really something there. Are people telling me truth or do I need to blow this off.

* I've found that people who disagree with me are insane.

* HIS WIFE about a bad letter- So what if there are a lot of people upset with you? Would you have done anything different? Do you not think God would take care of us if you lost your job? His wife pointed out the problem... fear! The enemy loves to whisper 'fear' into your heart. ONCE OUT IN THE OPEN... "That puppy had no teeth"

You have to learn how to deal with the subterranian stuff that is the cause of fear. Because if you don't deal with fear you will deal from only toxic emotions. The love of your soul (God) understands this. The enemy does too. That's why one of the most repeated verses is "Do not be afraid!"

B. Explore your emotional intelligence.
Most people who lack emotional intelligence don't know it. That's because it's called emotional intelligence. Reference for work: Daniel Goleman

C. Take a look at Talent you brought into this world.
People have all kinds of dreams but often they don't match our talent. Your best shot at making your best contribution is to be best at what you're good at.

We need to take what we're good at is to take what they are good at so they can practice to get better at.

Not everyone can do everything. We don't give people the freedom to find what they can do!

D. Understand your cognitive style
How you process information in your brain is very different than people around you.

The way you see things and process things is normal to you. The problem is that others process things completely different.

Some of us fly at 40,000ft view and find ways to express it. Others start with "Susan" or "Bill" and we work up from that one person and one need.

Some are "just the facts maam" and others are "give me the details".

Google Cognitive Style: [I saved you the work. You're welcome]

E. Your Personality
Your personality for some people seems like it's something you're trying to get over.

"I'm too much ____. I'm not enough ______." Example: Introvert vs. Extrovert.
Some people think because they are introverted that they are malformed.

Example: An introvert doesn't realize that when she speaks people lean in to hear where as others are practicing audio self realization.

You are not accidental in your personality. God made you the way you are!

Gifts are not something to be shopped for. Gifts are wrapped in flesh. YOU ARE THE GIFT! God wants to bless the world through YOU!

F. Hidden Addictions and Compulsions.

My grandma was living with us growing up because my grandfather was an alcoholic. I didn't know my mother was an adult child of an alcoholic until I was an adult.

"The Healing Journey"

An adult child of an alcoholic learns that "You just don't feel." You are taught that you cannot "feel". Your emotions build up until they come out and play in unhealthy ways.

Don't feel. Don't trust. Don't tell.

I grew up in a shame based "We don't talk about our stuff." As if it were interesting.

Don't feel? Don't trust? Don't tell?

I realized... I can forgive my dad now because I am the adult child of an alcoholic.

Some of us have compulsions and addictions.

Pay attention to your 'dark sides' because we all have 'em.

Studies have been done about why CEOs fail. There are about 11 things that set you up to self sabotage your journey to greatness.


I wanted to list these other areas for investigation:

1. The Discipline of Self Management (money, time, bodies, sleep, food)

2. The Discipline of Self Development
(lifelong learning- requires lifelong unlearning. The unlearning curve is often steeper than the learning curve.)

3. The Discipline of Mission
(Great leaders know what they are doing and why they are doing it. An example is when Jesus stepped away to pray. In the middle of everyone trying to get Jesus... Jesus says "Lets go somewhere else." It wouldn't have been bad to heal more people. He says lets go to the nearby towns and villages. He goes on to say "Thats why I have come."

When you know your mission, you know what you can say NO to so that you can say YES to your mission!

The enemy would love to get you out of your strength set... love to get you distracted... love to get you discouraged. The enemy doesn't want you to fulfill your mission.

Nobody here is thinking "Do I leave Friday and stay in the ministry or go open that porn shop I've been thinking about.

4. The discipline of decisioning (Ruthlessly debrief your decisions so you get better)

5. The discipline of belonging.
Some of your family of origin will never get you. But you can get friends. "Get a phone book." Get friends.

6. The discipline of aloneness.
Great leaders are at home in their skin with God and they are great with that company.

In wilderness great leaders are asking "What is God trying to show me in this wilderness and leave the time of release to God!"

I beg you to be a great leader. They are waiting to be blessed. They need to be blessed. When you can be who you are... the kingdom can expand through you!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, October 08, 2008


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