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Forget the Boston Tea Party...

... how about an American Health Insurance party?

In a few months I'll be considering a change in health insurance plans and/or providers. In considering this upcoming change it's been interesting to see where some people running for President stand on the health care issue.

It appears that the candidates on the Democratic side have been debating over who can force more people into socialism. Senator Obama was getting slammed last week because according to Senator Clinton his plan left 15 million people (out of a country of over 300 million) out of a 'universal' health plan.

Not to be outdone John Edwards pointed out how he'd force us all into health insurance:
"He said he would require individuals to show proof of insurance when they pay income taxes or seek health care. Those without coverage would be expected to enroll in a plan or would be assigned one. As for those who still refused, Edwards said 'the government will help collect back premiums with interest and collection costs by using tools like the ones it uses for student loans and taxes.' "

So the government may be moving into a national health care business? Has anyone seen anything government run that is efficient, ascetically pleasing or that responds well to change? Stand in a post office, department of motor vehicle or in front of a TSA worker. You'll quickly see that the government doesn't pay top dollar for the folks who run their programs and therefore lets just say that customer care doesn't rank highly on their priority list.

What happens to us as a people once we give the government control over our bodies? Is it possible that once we're all on a version of medicare/medicaid that the government may begin to regulate how much we can weigh, what amounts of cholesterol or fat we take in? What happens when it becomes in the "government's" best interest to lower your blood sugar? If it's mandated that you are in a system and if the government begins to fit the bill... surely the next step is the government telling you what your ideal weight and body fat should be. If we choose to give the federal government control of our bodies I will be gravely concerned with our future as a nation.

The good folks up in Boston had a riot because a government was trying to regulate their personal lives through levying taxes on goods in a harbour. Imagine what they'd say today if they knew their great great grandchildren would consider giving control of their bodies to the government. To say they'd be concerned is an understatement. To say we should be concerned is just as much so.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, December 05, 2007


At 11:53 AM, Blogger Olivia said...

How Scary! I think we as Christians need to stand together vote with our morals not our pocketbooks and protect our children's future...
We enjoy your daily views! Keep up the deep thinking.


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