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Do you have a Restless Soul?

Psalm 62

For the director of music. For Jeduthun. A psalm of David.
1 My soul finds rest in God alone;
my salvation comes from him.

When I read this I think of when I was a kid and our family would come home to our two dogs. Before they knew who was at the door they would be barking up a storm. They would run to every window and make their deepest "back off" barks to alert whomever would bother them that they were ready for bear. Once we got close enough to the door however we would simply call out their name and they would turn their barking to happy scratching. In a sense their soul found rest in us, their Masters.

I consider my own life. So many times I can allow life and life's circumstances to get me fired up. At times it's protection and at other times it's frustration. Either way however I've learned to love the moments when I hear my Master's voice. It doesn't matter how angry or concerned I was... when I sense the presence of God I am able to calm. My soul finds rest.

I think of people all around us. So much of what they do is because their soul isn't at rest. Their restless soul leads to self destructive behavior and emotions. Their restless soul leads them to find comfort in food, alcohol, drugs or shopping. The restless soul leads to experimenting in every type of religiousity known to man (and some invented). Their restless soul leads them to worship self, worship music, worship entertainers. I consider all of the lives wasted not because the people in and of themselves want to waste their life but because they aren't close to their God. Their lives are full of noise and their response to that noise is the only way they can cope.

Is your soul restless today? Are you responding the best you know how to a world of noise? Would you prefer to find tranquility in the midst of all of the noise?

2 He alone is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.

3 How long will you assault a man?
Would all of you throw him down—
this leaning wall, this tottering fence?

4 They fully intend to topple him
from his lofty place;
they take delight in lies.
With their mouths they bless,
but in their hearts they curse.

5 Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;
my hope comes from him.

6 He alone is my rock and my salvation;
he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.

7 My salvation and my honor depend on God [a] ;
he is my mighty rock, my refuge.

8 Trust in him at all times, O people;
pour out your hearts to him,
for God is our refuge.

9 Lowborn men are but a breath,
the highborn are but a lie;
if weighed on a balance, they are nothing;
together they are only a breath.

10 Do not trust in extortion
or take pride in stolen goods;
though your riches increase,
do not set your heart on them.

11 One thing God has spoken,
two things have I heard:
that you, O God, are strong,

12 and that you, O Lord, are loving.
Surely you will reward each person
according to what he has done.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, December 04, 2007


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