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Things I learned from 50 cent- pt 2

When asked how he can stay motivated even though he's one of the most famous and most wealthy rappers of all time 50 Cent said "Our industry is 4.1 Billion dollars. When I look at what I make it feels like I am paid $5 bucks." He also went on to say "When you succeed it's even more important to get around people who have done more than you. I used to look up to anyone who was signed, now that I'm one of the best I fly around to visit people halfway around the world who are billionaires. When they meet with me and know what I'm worth they pat me on the back and smile because they make that in their sleep. To stay hungry you have to get around people who are where you want to be."

These are two lessons that successful Pastors say over and over but yet a gangster rapper applies them to his life more than most of us in the ministry.

Lesson 1: The harvest is plentiful.

Someone asked me recently if I thought being near other churches is a hinderance to Focal Point being successful. They said "Are you in anyone's shadow." The answer is no, their are no dominant churches near us. In fact 8 churches have come and gone in our area since we've been going. Apparently no one (including us) has found the formula just yet. We believe we will. Either way though our city/region is 1.6 million people. Even if we have 10 churches of 20,000 people each, this city would still need enough churches to reach the other 1.4 million people. 50 cent doesn't compare himself to other rappers as his end-all. He compares what he's done with what is left to do.

This lesson is why places like Anderson, SC are blessed to have visionaries like Perry Noble and Tony Morgan. They basically have their entire city in their church but they feel like they just got started. You've gotta love and respect that.

Lesson 2: Get around people above you.

We didn't' do this enough early on. We started too soon. Regardless of why we had to do that, we did it. As a result I didn't lead our people properly by letting them SEE the vision in action somewhere else. It's not their fault, it's mine.

This is why Tadd is having so much success. This is why Steven Furtick did great out of the gate. This is why Gary spoke at NewSpring and talked recently about their drive home and the vision God stirred in their heart. Each and every one of these guys paid attention to this lesson.

We must always be humble to learn from people who've been there.

I recall Ed Young talking about a time when he noticed a young guy studying in Starbucks and as they got to talk Ed realized he was a church planter. Ed decided to invest some time in this guy he didn't know so he started by understanding this guy's ministry. This kid turned around and began bashing Fellowship Church and talked of all he would be doing better than Fellowship. He wasn't humble. He wasn't hungry. He was arrogant and he's now probably unemployed.

What I'd give to sit down with any of these men. Unless and until that ever happens I'll continue to read their blogs, attend their conferences and call the ones I do know. Stay humble and stay teachable. No matter how many butts were in the seats last week.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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