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Things I learned from 50 cent- pt 1

50 Cent has recently been featured on myspaceTV. Myspace did a 5 part interview with 50 (1 interview divided into 5 clips) that turned out to be pretty enlightening.

Having grown up in Baltimore City I learned 'street knowledge' in the school of Hard Knocks before I learned 'book knowledge' at Liberty University. One thing that has made me smile through the years is the underestimating of inner-city minds by suburbia . Many educated elites view the 'lower class' as unintelligent. In fact one of the ways a tyranny is able to hold down a population segment is through deprivation of education. So today while its true that many in our cities don't have a populous filled with 'book knowledge'... they do have many people with advanced degrees in 'Street'.

Professional marketing firms spend billions trying to understand how to sell to the masses. The truth is that they're just trying to learn the lessons of the street.

50 Cent said some pretty cool things in this interview that translate into all areas of life. I wrote down some of my favorite quotes and I'll share them along with my take over the next few days.

My first installment of quotes comes from the general line of questioning similar to: "When you walk into a room you have a presence about you. Can you describe why some people have that and others don't?"

"I don't believe anyone can beat me at being me."

"We skipped media training. I was like "Why. If a reporter asks me a question I can answer for myself."

"A lot of artists don't know who they are before they go into the studio with a producer."

Tally's Take:
Obviously this line of questioning is powerful when considering who we are in the ministry. Scripture teaches us that we're all both 1. Made in the image of God and 2. Uniquely designed within that image. If this is the case we should both represent that which unites us to the image of our daddy as well as embrace and hone that which makes us unique within the Kingdom.

Many Pastors fall on hard times when they forget who they are. They try to mimic other big named Pastors. They try to pacify the questions from church members. Instead of living out the vision of their calling they live out the desires of everyone around them.

No matter your position or skill set. If you're reading this blog, stop and take time to learn what a rapper and former drug-dealer has learned. "No one can beat you at being you." They may be great at being them... but you should focus on being the best 'you' that you're wired to be. After all, our job is to do the work he's given us in ADVANCE to do. Why try to re-wire myself to be like someone who is doing what God called THEM to do.

No one can be a better you than YOU. Become confident in who God made you to be and unapologetically live that out under God's instruction to the best of your ability.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, September 14, 2007


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