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Did you guys hear about the kid at the University of Florida who got tasered for resisting police?

Apparently he turned an open mic Q&A with Sen. John Kerry into a debate and/or monologue. He asked Kerry some questions and felt the politician wasn't giving a straight answer (was he surprised that a politician would side step the question?). Ultimately his time was up and he was asked to leave t he mic. He refused, threw a fit, police came to escort him out and he kept resisting. Ultimately 6 of them were trying to take him into custody and he continued to refuse.

I saw a report at lunch on CNN (yes I watch news during my lunch break) and the anchor couldn't believe he'd get tasered for resisting officers.

My take: Good for the cops.

Freedom of speech stops when the person footing the bill for the venue and speaker says "Okay, you've said your peace, let others talk." It definitely stops when an officer says "Hey dude, you're disturbing the peace... lets leave." It most certainly should stop when you've been slammed to the floor for resisting and trying to continue make a rear-end of yourself by protesting at an event where everyone in the building already gave you more than enough time to make your point. When a cop says "Give us your hands or we will have to taser you. Stop resisting or we will taser you...." What do you think comes next? ZAPPP!

Respect for people in authority is out the window these days. Everyone thinks that somehow everyone's voice should carry the same weight. A student should be able to use someone else's time and dime to blast a sitting US Senator, disrespect the hundreds of other students in the room and ignore commands from police when you've disturbed the peace.

I say good for the cop. I'm not a fan of Senator Kerry. Who knows I may have agreed with the kid politically. But don't think you can throw your tantrum and poop on everyone else's yard and get away with it. ZAPP!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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