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Cant afford a large-scale Plotter?

One of the things that many ministries are turning to is large-scale printing done IN-HOUSE. I was down at Fellowship Church a few years back and a friend of mine who is on staff was showing me how they make so many of their environments look so great without spending a ton of cash. It basically comes down to a large-format printer or "plotter".

Typically a plotter costs a few hundred bucks a month for the lease/service contract and then a few hundred more for ink refills.

This week I came across a base-line program that can help smaller ministries use their office laser printer in a similar way. I should say up front that this is not what you should use if you can afford the real thing. Don't penny pinch. But if you are starting out or cannot afford the real deal, this may be a solution to get you started.

This software allows you to blow up an image and print out and multiple PDF pages. So you can take a photo and it will resize it to print out in any size you'd like to go to. The difference is that you'd obviously have to put the puzzle together.

I can't see this being great for things people will see from up close (because of the pieces). But it looks promising for something large that would be on stage and far back from the audience.

If any of you have used it, let me know. Otherwise some of you can take a look and see if it helps your ministry.


posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, September 18, 2007


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