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Resurrected Lives

Recently I was told of a woman who responded to the phrase "Happy Easter" with a dagger of a statement. She said "Easter is a day for bunnies and eggs. If you could see my adult child who sits at home with mental and physical ailments there is no way you can tell me there is a merciful God. Easter means nothing to me."

O' how I wish I could talk to that woman.

This morning I'm watching TV and a famous televangelist (yes they still exist) said "The reason you don't have healing is that you don't understand the laws that govern healing. The reason someone next to you is blessed and you aren't is your problem."

I can't believe it. I pray that woman doesn't turn on that program today.

As I head over to teach this morning and tell the resurrection story I pray that a woman like I speak of shows up. I pray our lay people love her and I pray the Word of God stirs in her heart. I'm asking God to reveal himself in the life of every man, woman boy and girl in our building today. I'm praying for Resurrected lives. The power of God is able.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, April 08, 2007


At 10:04 AM, Blogger Mitch Corn said...

Thanks for a peak into your passion. I'm blessed to know that there are a few (I do mean few)bloggers out there who are more concerned with ministry than self promotion on their blog. I am praying that you will be effective for the Kingdom today.


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