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Great Morning and some Resurrected Lives

Our service this morning was grand. We had a great return from the Egg Hunt last week as well as several families making their 2nd visit with us. God has been great to us.

Last Sunday one of our guests had a few tears rolling down her cheek as she exited the lobby. She spoke with some of our folks but I wasn't near by so someone came over to me and said "Pastor Tally... did you meet _____?" "I said yeah... she looked like she was having a great time." This person continued "Yeah... she's talking to someone in the lobby and she's crying because she couldn't believe she wasn't judged here." Apparently this woman came into the church as a result of our Easter Egg Hunt. She thought "I'll give them a shot." She brought her children and wore a shirt that exposed her tattoos and she kept her nose ring in. This woman was crying because, as I understand it, none of our people stared at her or made her feel anything but loved. She was ready to write us off but she couldn't. THAT ROCKS!

Then this morning I wrote here on the blog about how I wanted God to send someone to hear the Resurrection message today. I spoke of someone who really couldn't see Mercy through the tears of pain. Today I met another woman who's come off of the Egg Hunt. She came last week and this week brought her daughter and grandchildren. This woman is in her mid 50's. I noticed she had returned today so I talked with her and asked her about her story... how long she's been in the area, etc. She started out by telling me that she is disabled and hasn't worked since 1990. She explained some other issues and I said "For all you've been through I'm honored that you're out and with us today." She said "Yes, me too. I had two days this week where I was laid up on my back and couldn't move." We spoke some more and I excused myself. Wouldn't you know it... this woman gave her life to Jesus Christ today. The world looked bleak and she is downtrodden... but God spoke to her heart through Easter Eggs and a church foolish enough to love everyone.

The woman who cried last week in the lobby was back with us today. After service I noticed her speaking with our nursery workers. She was asking how she could plug in and help in the future. She wants to stay! She wants to make her spiritual home here with us.

Can I tell you how jacked up I am???

I pray God's best for you and your church this Easter. Thanks for your prayers and together may we all lift up the name of Jesus today and everyday.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, April 08, 2007


At 11:53 PM, Blogger Tyler said...

Hey man,
That sounds like some awesome things are happening at your church. I pray that when people walk into our church, that this is how our people would react (w/love no matter what). We had some visitors today, who haven't graced the halls of any church for a while, and as far as I could tell, were treated wonderfully, and they said that they would most definitely be back. We'll see what happens, but I've got some real specific names and faces to be praying for this week. It kind of gives a renewed sense of excitement.

At 2:44 AM, Blogger dan ohlerking said...

i love your blend of passion for the church, for the lost as a whole, and for the one.

i think that's one of the huge keys to being a pastor - and you've been blessed with a hefty dose of it.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

Tally, It is so wonderful the way God is blessing Focal Point it seems all your visions for a Church are coming to pass Jay and I also feel truly blessed to be in a church that is come-as-you-are-no-matter-how-stained-the-world-thinks-you-are-view! I hope all is well with you guys and would love to see you both real soon.


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