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Avoiding Mistakes

This year I've taken my time more seriously. Most specifically I've taken account of how much time I spend with my family. Almost to a person the greats of the previous generation of Pastors have said "I wish I spent more time with my wife and children." Even the great Billy Graham is quoted as saying so much.

A few things from my own life.
1. I've started to take Fridays as a real day off.
2. On those days I spend time with my son. We have daddy/son day. The last two weeks I've taken him to Chuck E Cheeses. He's loved it.
3. I've also spent time with my wife and son together. Last Sunday we went to "Glayzn'fire"... a pottery painting/glazing place. We went back today to pick up our work. That time last week was awesome.
4. I've encouraged my wife to let things go around the house from time to time. Our home is my wife's castle. She has an inward desire to keep the place clean and to get ahead whenever she can. Sometimes she needs me to remind her to relax. I've been doing that more and helping more often. A load of dishes goes a long way in our marriage.
5. I've kept the evenings to a minimum. You have to watch how many important things take up your time in the evening. I have an unspoken rule of 3 max... most of the time it's 2 evenings or less a week. I won't go past 3 unless someone just died.

There are more I'm sure... but I just want to get the reminder out. Pastors, spend time with your family. They are your first ministry. No matter how busy you are I guarantee with a little delegation and planning, no work load will have to compete with your family.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, March 04, 2007


At 1:21 AM, Blogger Will Henderson said...

That's pure gold. I know it and I'm going to keep working at it. Day off with the family is core. Thanks for sharing your journey.


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