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Myspace Marketing

Yes. I admit it. I have a myspace. I promise I know everyone on my 'friends' list though.

So today I log on and right there on my splash page in a place where people usually advertise a bunch of garbage I see "Naperville Church". Sure enough, I click the link and I'm taken to a website for Crossroads Community Church in Naperville, IL.

There are reports out that suggest Myspace holds a TON of the 20-30's crowd... it's not just a teenybopper phenomenon. So I applaud the staff at Crossroads for taking a chance on technology. I have come across a bunch of churches using mypace for their church (we are using it for an upcoming mission trip: myspace.com/focalpointchurch) but this is the first time I personally have seen a church advertise there.

Now... I only wish they could help Crossroads target their message better. I live a LONG way from Naperville. I do have a friend on my friends list who I believe lives in Naperville though so maybe that's how it went down. Either way again I say 'great job' Crossroads.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Saturday, March 10, 2007


At 1:04 AM, Blogger ABC said...

A couple of younger staffers having some fun killing time one evening during an out of town event, decided to set me up with a “MySpace”, then called me down to the hotel lobby to show it to me. After I gave them the traditional lecture on the potential horrors / evil of this social network, I agreed to keep it for a couple of weeks. Well, just know that I am not hooked on this inefficient, time waster, non-productive, poor substitute for a one-to-one conversation. But for a little while I will act like it has a tiny bit of redemptive value to it.... And oh, by the way, after a couple of weeks I now have 176 friends…most of them who have sent me invites….and most in their late teens and twenties. Now I’m not sure it’s wise to ignore this vast group of widely networked young adults…


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