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Make a real Difference

I get annoyed with crybaby Pastors. The reason is that most crybaby Pastors have 1,000 things going in their favor and they can't appreciate them.

Then there are the other Pastors. The ones who don't cry about their situation but they suck it up and keep going. Church planting is difficult. Church planting that targets a part of our society who is most definitely not "pop" can be brutal. Seeing how difficult church planting can be without much support has made me come to appreciate certain people so much more. This post isn't about me or our church... read on...

I'm around all types of church planters and pseudo-church planters on a pretty regular basis and I have seen people break at all levels. I've seen people quit a year in or even a few months in... I've also seen people hang on through the most challenging of circumstances to come out extremely successful.

If you don't start with a bang it takes a LOT longer to see the fruit of your labor. I've seen far too many planters who quit b/c their launch wasn't what they thought it would be. I've also seen the opposite. Most of the planters I've seen have churches that grow, then decline, grow, decline on and on in a vicious cycle. Usually the church that breaks that cycle is the church that pushes through the adversity long enough to see their true identity and their uniqueness. These successful churches can then capitalize on that uniqueness and more clearly articulate why God would have them exist at all. This laser focus then draws others with a similar mind-set. Planting a church in every area is tough for various reasons. One thing about our area is that each locality here has a very unique attitude or climate. As a church is able to tap into a subculture within that overall attitude they are more successful. Unfortunately I've seen too many churches unable to tap into that from the get go. Most of the time it's because they aren't sure how far they can go before the leash gets yanked back on their vision. Over time the planter has a decision to make... do I do exactly what God is leading me to do or do I fold up shop and do something else? Unfortunately many choose to retire from ministry or at least planting.

But then there are the difference makers:
Last night I spent some time at my friend Robb's new warehouse space. They are renovating an old warehouse in downtown Norfolk. Seeing the adversity they have faced makes me appreciate their ministry all the more. Last night I walked into this space and was pumped at what they are doing. With a shoestring budget and completely unpaid labor force they are making huge strides toward having a facility that will make an impact on their part of town.

They have faced every obstacle a church could face and yet they remain strong. Their warehouse has flooded, their heating is in disrepair, financial obstacles, many friends misunderstand what they are about and on and on... but they have remained strong and I believe they will make a huge impact on this city. The consequence of great vision doesn't come neatly wrapped in a bow and certain parts of our society are harder to reach than others. So Robb and his team are believing God for his provision as they continue working diligently to be found faithful in the vision they have been given. I am certain they will be honored for it.

If you're a Pastor in a position to make a real difference in the life of another ministry, I highly recommend Robb and Epic City Church. They need materials, some manpower and of course some cash. Their church target are people who don't own houses with white picket fences so they are limited in their means to get certain things done... and I assure you if you saw what they've done with little you'd be confident in what they could do with much. When I walked in last night they had nearly everyone there working and they've done so as a church for nearly 2 months. Their people provide the labor, the finances, their vehicles for hauling debris and so on... they've gotten the ball into the red-zone. I believe their are a few readers out there who would be interested in helping them score. Maybe you have resources, a team, materials, a contractor in your church, a rich uncle... whatever... and you say "God, where is there a group of people getting it done who just need that extra nudge?" I'm telling you... I know the church... it's my friend Robb's church. Make it happen, lend them a hand. They are worth the investment.

Tally@FocalPointChurch.com or

Love God. Love Others. Prove It.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, February 23, 2007


At 11:05 AM, Anonymous chrismarlow@gmail.com said...

"Usually the church that breaks that cycle is the church that pushes through the adversity long enough to see their true identity and their uniqueness."

Well said...Very important statement!


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