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I'm part of an EPIC

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Tonight I took some time to visit my friend Robb Overholt's church in Norfolk, VA called EPIC City Church. Robb is a pretty creative dude and a great communicator/storyteller. He's a guy you know is going to bring it no matter what day you drop in on him. Tonight was no exception.
I'm always impressed with how much Robb does to create a story of a service. As a church planter Robb also has (in my humble opinion) done far more with far less than anyone I know. He's a guy who every church planter needs to visit because once you see how good their services are you will smack the first person blaming a lack of excellence on money. Okay... I'm off that soap box for now.

I took a ton of notes tonight and left having met with God and inspired to live out his word. Rob will likely become my Pastor at least once a month as his church meets at night and I enjoy visiting churches on Sunday nights.

TONIGHT'S meeting was held at Central Baptist Church in Norfolk because EPIC'S new warehouse facility was flooded from the rains we've had around here lately. God is moving among the people of Epic and I was honored to be among them tonight. Not to mention I met Judy tonight and apparently she reads my blog which makes Epic cooler by proxy.

One other thing... I've visited other churches on the fly and at a few I'm treated with the Red Carpet until I tell them that I'm a Pastor of another church... then I get the cold shoulder and 'the eye'... It's like people are thinking I'm a spy from an enemy camp.... THIS WAS NOT my experience tonight with EPIC... I was even invited to join some of their peeps for dinner. Lots of love to go around among the people of Epic.

Thanks Robb. You're the man. Also... to my new EPIC friends... keep it up... God is working and you're doing a great job! Trust me, I don't just throw encouragement around.... you guys really are in for a great year.

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posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, January 07, 2007


At 10:53 PM, Anonymous robb said...

Finally able to drop in a comment. So thanks and know that I am humbled.


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