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U2 on Church Planting

Shaula has a great post I wanted to pass along. Shaula is Robb's wife (of Epic City Church in Norfolk, VA) If you're church planting/thinking of planting/curious about planting or just want to hear what it's like in the church planting trenches... go read her blog.

Church Planting Lesson from U2

Interesting tidbit from U2 by U2. The band was finishing the October tour and was in the middle of recording their third album, War, but they did not have enough money to finish their tour. Paul McGuinness, their manager, decided to put the expenses on his personal American Express card. When they returned home, there wasn't enough money to pay the bill and he got his card taken away. It's encouraging to me to see the biggest band in the world had such difficult struggles several years after being signed to a record label. They persevered, and the rest is history.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, January 08, 2007


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