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Series Concept

We have already planned next year's calendar or else I would use this idea stemming from a series of viral videos out on YouTube.

Via Phillip Santillian's student ministry blog I came across a series of videos showing how our society has such a warped view beauty. It's not that we shouldn't be attracted to beauty it's just that our perception of who is beautiful can get jacked with so easily by advertisers who like puppetiers pull the right strings.

'Dove' has an interesting add campaign out where they are using YouTube to distribute viral videos showing average people getting made up in a photo shoot and then having that image altered in a computer to create what is perceived to be 'real' beauty. Another clip is a 2:41 clip of middle and high school aged girls talking about how living up to the physical beauty-hype is weighing on them. Pretty powerful stuff.

This series of videos (or some you create in house) could paint the picture in an amazing way. Check out the clips. If you have thoughts on any other self-esteem type of series feel free to use the comments section for others to see. You can even self-promote your site along with your great ideas.

Dove: CampaignForRealBeauty.com

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, December 27, 2006


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