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Miss USA: Mercy, Ratings and who really should be fired!

So the news conference for Donald Trump's Miss USA wrapped up a few moments ago. For those of you who do not know what has been going on apparently the current Miss USA has been on a bit of a partying streak lately. With allegations ranging from late night partying to underage drinking and even to cocaine use... this certainly hasn't been the best of weeks for Miss Tara Conner or Mr. Donald Trump, the co-owner of the pageant.

As the media pounced on this woman and many called for her removal I couldn't help but to think about restoration. I obviously believe in redemption and I thought "She could be of more use to society, herself and even the Trump organization and advertisers if they would let her stay on and recover for the rest of her term." It expires in April.

Like the rest of the world I had no clue what Trump would do. He claims to have made a decision this morning (I doubt that very much) but either way he decided to keep her. For a moment I felt great about the situation. Trump said all of the right things. He said she has a good heart, will go into rehab and be a great representative and role model.

BUT THEN SHE SPOKE. Let me first say that whoever set this press conference up should be fired by the Donald right away. They did a HORRIBLE job preparing her for the New York media. Some bystanders could be heard booing Trumps decision and as if that wasn't bad enough, the more she spoke the more shallow she looked.

Miss Conner did the obligatory "I'm sorry to my family IF..." and she thanked Trump many times for his "heart of gold". The rest of her speech was self absorbed. A reporter asked her if she was an alcoholic and she said "That would be pushing the envelope." Someone asked about the rehab and she said "Well of course... when someone gives you something for free..." It just came off very ugly.

The Trump organization should have given her VERY LIMITED talking points and instructed her to say the words "No Comment" for anything else. She should have told the reporters to watch her future actions and that she would show the world what can happen when a person accepts responsibility for their mistakes. She didn't. She said "I love my job and the people I work with." "I've worked so hard for this." "I worked with women who's kids were sick and we went to the spa together and talked." She came across as minimally repentant, self absorbed and ignorant of the impact her actions have had on herself and young woman who want her title.

It's bad enough that our kids look to girls like this and develop poor self esteem for not being as attractive, now they will learn that if you just appear to be repentant it will cover your rear long enough to not actually have to be repentant for your actions.

As for the business side, this will help Trump. He comes off looking like he's giving a young girl a break and there will be a little more interest in his contest come April.

For Tara this is a better outcome than if they stripped her crown but I do not see a truly repentant heart. What I've observed is a girl who's just glad she didn't get the boot. That's not true repentance...

Spiritually speaking this incident reminded me why God looks at our heart-motive. He doesn't just listen to our words or see if we cry a lot... God looks to the heart and is looking to see if we really get it. Tara... I hope you realize what an opportunity you really have. For your own sake and for the sake of kids across the world who look at you, take it seriously... get some help and make a sincere effort to change your life. Trump extended you mercy today... use it.

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posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, December 19, 2006


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