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What's your plan 'B'?

I've never been to any mission activity where things went smoothly. For me it's always been my experience that once you give yourself to God, He takes the wheel and drives differently than you would. This week was no exception. There were some awesome times and there were some crazy times but at the end of the day God reigned supreme and people came to Jesus.

During this week when a few snags came up I was asked about a 'plan B'. I came up with (as far as I can tell) a phrase that suits my feeling on the subject.

"There is no plan B, we just make plan A work!"

Some would describe making plan A work a different plan all together... I don't. To me it's about the big picture. If you're trying to sell widgets, you put your plan together and adjust when necessary but the plan is still to sell widgets. If your plan is to love and serve your community... do it... regardless.

We had a day early in the week last week when the rains came down like a 'Big Tent Revival' song. To me, this is not a destruction of plan A but rather an opportunity. I instructed half of our group to stop passing out information and go inside of Target and buy the biggest umbrellas they could. We then shuttled people to and from their cars for 2 hours. It was awesome! Some people felt strange letting someone walk them to the store, but many appreciated the gesture.
Jesus was glorified in a non-threatening way and people were served in a very practical way.

I don't call that a 'plan B'... I call it making 'plan A' work.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, August 02, 2006


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