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Danny's Prayer

This week I met an 18 year old named Danny. Danny has a speech problem due to Cerebral Palsy. Danny recently graduated High School and hopes one day to work in the ministry full time.
Out of all of the amazing things God challenged me on this week, Danny's passion resonated most.

For Danny to talk he has a small computer that speaks what he types. He can talk without the aid of the machine but it takes a long time for him to process the words from his brain to his mouth. If he types, he's fine. He can type like anyone and the words flow naturally. I quickly learned early in the week to ask Danny 'yes' or 'no' questions because he can respond quickly to these. It's just trying to explain something or get out longer sentences where he has a hard time.

God used Danny in my life this week during a few times of prayer. For Danny to get out a 4 sentence prayer, it may take him up to 3-5 minutes. For you and I to get out that same prayer it may take up to 30 seconds. Danny is a guy who doesn't let his disability disable his ministry. Danny is a guy who will take the time to praise his Savior and pour out his heart to God regardless of the adversity. And you know what... I appreciate him for that. If you pray with Danny, you can't just go into and out of time with God in 2 minutes... Praying with Danny requires you to focus in on your Savior. Time with Danny allows you to truly understand God's soverignty in life and thank him for who he's created you to be. A unique masterpiece.

As with every missions trip, this group of teens had a few who had to spend the week learning not to complain. Let me just tell you that Danny was not one of these kids. Danny busted his tail all week and was excited to be able to honor God all the week through.

I thank God for Danny. He brought me closer to my Jesus this week!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, August 01, 2006


At 4:02 PM, Blogger Insanity said...

thats funny that you posted about him, i was going to post about how he taught me to listen and stop talking for once...I really actually i think enjoyed him more than anyone else that was here from there.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger inside my head said...

you were not the only person he had an influence on .. he is a wonderful person, i wish I was able to talk more with him.


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