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I'm Baaack!

After a little over a week away from the blog scene I return to you more pumped than I have been in a long time!

This past week (Sunday to Sunday) we hosted a team of 15 from IgniteStudents.net (Carpenter's Community Church). They came as missionaries to help us get word out about our church and to serve our community. What a week it was!

With over 6,000 homes and nearly another 1,200 people individually served (icecream, purchasing food, etc.) we made some noise in our community. I'm convinced that a church like ours is going to have to mount a strong person to person outreach in order to get the type of growth we need to really take off. That critical mass has been elusive. It would be pretty simple if we sold out to the lost and went after church people... but that's not our passion. We want to be a church that grows primarially from conversion growth and that takes time. Time, service and many personal contacts.

We're serving our community like crazy. This week was a solid extension of what we do week in and week out. This week alone our guests:

- Gave away about 135 icecream Sundaes at Friendly's Icecream.
- Held a block party at an apartment complex near our location with over 300 residents in attendance.
- Held an event and gave away nearly $800 in icecream at a local Caravel Icecream.
- Gave away $600 in Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts gift cards.
- Bought over $500 in various meals for unsuspecting patrons at local stores (Fast Food, Dollar Store, etc.)
- Hosted a free movie at the theater we use each Sunday.
- Distributed information about our church to 6,000 homes.
- Saw two people accept Jesus Christ as Savior AS A DIRECT RESULT of their efforts.

One of the people who accepted Christ was a server at one of the icecream shops. God is amazing and he's doing big things among the people of the church.

I'll have more updates this week and stories to share. For now I just want to say 'Hey' to all of my blog friends and let you know I'm back on the scene. Have a great night!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, July 31, 2006


At 7:38 PM, Blogger Chris Marlow said...

sounds like cool stuff, i think it's easier to hide behind sunday gathering then to take a step of faith and "go" into the community and serve people. I pray your church grows and touches more folks for the kingdom.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Tadd Grandstaff said...

Tally that's awesome Bro! Good to hear...hopefully this will get the momentum rolling for you going into fall and change Focal Point forever...this may be one of those moments that you look back on and say that was our defining moment...you are in our prayers!

Keep it up man!

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Chuck M said...

I was wondering. It thought that you were still stuck in the Liberty U library. Good to hear what is going on with your church


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