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Podcasting: The beginning

As of yesterday we are officially 'podcasting' at Focal Point.

I have no doubt that this new method of message delivery will drastically improve my message delivery. There is something about knowing that you're speaking to a potentially global audience.

During my trip to Gettysburg this past weekend I obviously spent some time thinking about Abraham Lincoln. This was a man who chose his words thoughtfully. In 1858 he lost his run for the Senate but it was his Oratory skills which brought him to national prominance and ultimately the Republican candidate for President. He obviously won and went on to lead our nation through the most difficult period of American History to that point. Lincoln chose his words wisely. I want to take a lesson from Lincoln and become a better communicator.

Talking with my friend John, he reminded me of a story where it was said that in one city Lincoln was passing through and was asked for some comments. He apologized and said that the presidency carried so much weight that he didn't want to speak off the cuff. Lincoln realized the power of his words and the position which gave his words so much weight. I think that as Pastors in our sanctuaries, theaters or tent-revivals... we could all use some of that advice.

So, it is with that thought that I offer up to you our podcasts. No doubt I will continue to grow and learn to become an even more effective communicator. I'm looking forward to the journey and would be glad if you so chose to take that journey with me. We all have so much to learn and I believe podcasting will (for me) document the process.

Go to FocalPointChurch.com to download recent messages or click here to subscribe via iTunes.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, July 06, 2006


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