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Tomorrow morning I'm headed up to Harrisburg, PA to be "The Best Man" (that has a ring to it) for my cousin Tim's wedding. He's marrying a wonderful woman named Kimberly.

Tim was my best friend growing up and we made a promise to each other when we were kids that we'd be each other's best man at our weddings. He served as mine in 2001 and I get the honor to follow through on my end on Sunday.

Tim is the kind of guy who in a former time would have been seated at the round table. He honestly should have been a Knight. He's a guy who has always looked to honor, duty and faith to guide him. He loves to compete and compete well. He was labled "Front runner" through a big bold headline in the Baltimore Sun after a full-page picture landed him running for a touchdown in a High School football game.

Tim has overcome adversity in this life. He's not only survived but thrived. He's a peacemaker but also firm and protective. He's competitive but at the end of the day wants to know he's right by the Lord. Tim is a hero to many and a friend to those who know him. He's as loyal as they come and if he says he's going to be there for you, his word is as good as gold. You can cash the check on Tim. He's what the Marines thought of when they came up with the slogan "The Few, The Proud".

I'm very proud of my cousin this weekend. He's marrying a wonderful woman and they deserve to enjoy every moment of this weekend. I'm looking forward to connecting with old friends from Liberty and spending time with family but I'm most looking forward to hearing "I do!" from my boy Tim.

Congrats Tim and Kim. I pray God's blessing on your future together.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, June 30, 2006


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