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Coming out of the closet

No... not that one...

I must admit publicly (it's part of my recovery) that I purchased two albums by a band with the name "Hillsong" in the title (eeeeeek!, I know!) Yes. I broke down and purchased Hillsong UNITED's last two CD's. They come with DVD's as well. After listening and watching... I must admit... I'm down wit 'em!

Prior to my recent conversion, I had some backlash toward anything related to Hillsong for a while. I'm sorry but I've never been a big Darlene Zschech fan. Nice woman I'm sure... Great vocalist... but I've not been into her music much. Obviously millions of people are but I just haven't connected with their music. It seemed more suited for the Saddleback crowd. Their UNITED group however... now that's a different story.

I had secretly been fond of the United camp. I haven't listened to them too much but the times I had heard them... I liked it. My pride wouldn't allow me to admit that I liked the Aussies... but BUZZ changed my mind.

(Lead Singer of the Buzz Band)

First off, Mark has some great musicians with him. I think our house band is pretty good but I was impressed with the sound of the NCC band. They had a raw concert feel to them. Most church bands are one of a few things.
They are either:
a. terrible
b. too reserved
c. too polished
d. confused about their age

The NCC band sounded much more like a 'band' and less like a church band. We sat up close and it was good but when I came down the aisle a few times to find my seat after prolonged conversation in the hallway with bloggers... I found myself impressed with the sound about halfway up the theater. I suppose that's where the mix hit about right.

Anyway... my man Matt Morgan told me that some of their songs were from H..hhh...Hil....Hillsong's UNITED band.

I was left with two options. Deny myself because of my pride or break down and buy their CDs. I'm glad I bought both of the United CDs. For the last two days I've been singing "Tell the world" "Salvation is here" and a host of other songs by that group from down under.

So if you are where I was... I encourage you (also a part of my recovery) to go ahead and taste and see that UNITED is good.

Does anyone want to give me a heads up as to which United songs are the most popular for worship?

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, May 08, 2006


At 7:13 PM, Blogger Gary Lamb said...

We do:
Tell the world
One Day
The first 5 songs on the new CD and a few others.

Those top three we have been since we started. They actually have a blue CD out as well that for some reason you can't buy on iTunes but it is just as good.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous matt said...

Thanks for the shout out man...guess I better get my rear posting...

btw...we just did "from the inside out" this past sunday at history...i think our people really liked it.



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