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Repeat after me... "Global" (global) "good!"

The Dollar is shrinking. Surprise.

With prosperity in the U.S. we now find ourselves consuming and importing more, producing and exporting less and trading paper (debt/bank notes) for goods and services.

The world is indeed global. In case you've been asleep or just haven't had many conversations about the subject we live in a more connected and close-knit age than ever. Now, I don't mean close knit like city blocks or front-porches... I mean close-knit in the sense of interdependency.

More and more we are inter-connected with people from around the world. The dollar in your pocket carries less weight because of decisions made half a world away. We can shoot emails around the globe (even to remote villages) and get a reply within minutes. We are debating things like immigration (legal and illegal) more often than before. We see active world courts, world health, world vision, world everything. Governments are willing to exchange some rights that used to be reserved for sovereign states (See: European Union).

Our world is more connected than before. We accept more connectivity and mixed families without much hesitation. We are now comfortable enough to make fun of what used to make for hate. (Yes there are pockets of ignorance and yes we have a long way to go but the movement is in this direction)

The point is this: We are global. We must think globally. The statement "All politics is local" holds true for now but I'm sure before long we will begin saying "All politics is global."

The governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger was on MSNBC's Hardball last night where he pegged Chris Matthews for thinking too simply on the issue of raising minimum wage. Matthews tried to go after him for not supporting a $7.75 minimum wage. Schwarzenegger aptly pointed out that if you raise that wage, employers will have to employ less people to make up for the difference. Those dollars come from somewhere. Then because less people are employed the companies will likely produce less product which will bring in less revenue and the cycle continues. It is not as simple as making everyone a millionaire. We live in a connected society like no other. No matter what our profession we must understand this fact and learn how to adapt before we are replaced or miss the boat.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, March 15, 2005


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