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Video Clips from Concord

We couldn't do what we are doing without the support of some amazing churches. One of those churches is Concord. We have been having a wonderful week getting to know the people of this great church. Sometimes people don't think about how new churches ever get started. For us most of the reason we even exist are because of amazing people sending us.

This morning some of Concord Christian's students came over to our booth and made up a cheer with us. I got into the act. We had so much fun one of the teachers invited me to stop in on their chapel service and say hello. Over at TheBaltimoreProject.com I've had several groups do the wave so I thought it'd be appropriate for this occasion!

This is a simple way for us to connect and have fun. Sometimes we relegate missions to something that happens far away. Visits like this let us interact with all age groups so they know who exactly they are praying for and supporting through their contributions. When we're on the front lines every day it's great to know people like this have our back! Check out some fun we've had this morning!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, October 09, 2009


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