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Captivate Week 2 In Pictures

Worship Leader Danny Hallis (Danny got engaged just 3 weeks ago!)

Visiting us today was one of our interns from this summer named Zack. Zack has led a life that until a few years ago would have gotten him not much more than a ticket to prison or a morgue. God got to him in such a huge way that Zack is now a freshman at my Alma Mater Liberty University! I'm so proud of him. I wanted to show the crowd that God gets joy out of making broken people whole. Zack is a testimony to that!

See more below from this video which can be seen with others at CaptivateChurch.com

Drugs from Stories on Vimeo.

The point of the sermon today was that God goes on offense to save the most broken and busted among us. He used even Paul (self described persecutor and violent man) to plant churches and go on to write 2/3 of the NT... he can save and use you! Our scripture came from 1 Timothy 1:12-17. We also talked about the fact that the scoreboard is the Lamb's book of life. The place where the names of those who trust Christ for new life are found. Christ is on offense to get the score up! God doesn't want to just win, he wants us to run up the score. As a result, this church exists to reach people far from God.



3, 4
A set of friends from Stevenson University. Both received salvation in Christ today!

5, 6
Another set of friends who came together, both giving Christ their life!

This will never get old!

I'm begging God to make this only the beginning of what happens here in Baltimore through Captivate Church and many others who preach Christ and draw people to Him.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, October 11, 2009


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