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To Pastor the City

I believe God brought me back to Baltimore to be a Pastor to this city. The entire place. The entire people.

I think in our modern day missiology we may be unintentionally killing fruit on the vine. In my heart of hearts I believe if you are a Pastor with a heart for those far from God you should want every type of person to experience a saving relationship of faith in Jesus Christ. As we look at a culture divided into every conceivable demographic, educational background and native tongue we can rightly aim our focus to take root in the culture in a particular demographic only to wrongly ignore those who are outside of our chosen area of expertise.
Baltimore is an amazing place filled with people from every walk of life you can imagine. There are rich and poor, black and white, Asian and Latino, Italian and German... everyone is here. I can't help but to want to create compelling environments to draw each of these population segments to the King.
I believe in a Captivating God!

I believe in a God who - in his divine nature, power and glory - transcends every imaginable man-made road block.

Now I certainly know that we are finite and we have our own limitations but if we point to HIM and we think with HIS ends in mind we can become cultural caretakers whereby we do not just build churches that take on our own personalities but rather we build churches that take on the personalities of the community in which they rest. Connecting those congregations together at the footstep of fellowship (The genuine definition of fellowship: I digress, I don't have time to talk about that in this post) we can show the community that God indeed is a captivating God and no matter who you are or where you're from, there is a place for you with the King.

This is my passion, to Pastor the City. Part of that passion means that I do not make every environment compelling to me, it's to make every environment compelling to those we're trying to reach. As I look at what God has done through us in our inner city facility as well as our Timonium location I believe we're seeing this passion come to life. We have worked hard to create environments where the Gospel can be shared in a relevant way to the culture in which those facilities rest.
I cannot wait to share with you all that God does to bring people to Him from every part of this city!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, August 23, 2009


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