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Encouragement: Soak it Up

As a church starter (or human being) you have to balance out genuine encouragement and people who are overly flattering. You get both. It is important however when you get the genuine to stop and soak it up. You never know the next time you'll receive positive, Holy Spirit induced encouragement. I'm telling ya... soak it up because it just may be the refreshment you need when you're in the desert of life.

Today I spent some time checking on a particular product we may need. What I got in an email this afternoon I just had to stop and soak up. I also emailed this to our team and asked them to soak it in. I believe as the Pastor I tend to get a feel for what God's doing and it's important for me to share these things with our team (who make nearly everything happen anyway).
I'm very thankful for the encouragement God sends our way and this was one example from today. It was kindness about our site- CaptivateChurch.com - The thing is that I didn't ask this person to look at our site. They simply took it upon themselves to look from the domain at the end of the email address I gave.

"Hi Tally, Thank You for your time today, I enjoyed talking with you! Please let me know how I can be of assistance. I just got through looking at your website and praying over your church launch. I spend every work day talking to churches all over the country and looking at thousands of church websites every year. Your site looks very, very good, such an excellent look for such a new church. You did something that I often find churches miss the mark on, and that is the way you broke down videos by topics. When a seeker goes to a church website they are hungry for answers. Your format lays it out in a way that by topic you can get to what you are looking for.

God has impressed it upon my heart to continue to pray for your church launch. I am praying for God’s continued Favor and Blessing for you, your staff, Captivate Church and the many, many people that will be touched by your ministry. "

So if you wrote us today. Thank you. If you think to encourage someone, please do. If you receive encouragement and you have a team around you, share it with them. It's our spiritual responsibility to take a moment and enjoy a win.

Another win was this group from Wake Forest, NC
who came to visit us just about a week ago. It was great to have them here to serve. Check out a video they put together of their time with us.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, August 31, 2009


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