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Mothers Day Fun w/video

This year for Mother's Day my beautiful bride asked for a few simple but special things.

1. A full night of uninterrupted sleep. Really since around the second trimester of her pregnancy with Ainsley she hasn't been afforded too many peaceful nights of sleep. Ever the trooper she rarely gives me a hard time about it. For Mother's Day she asked if I'd handle the baby for a full night and allow her to sleep. This Friday she got her wish... almost. Unfortunately while I fulfilled my duty as diaper dad... the built-in motherly instinct still woke Kristy from her R.E.M. sleep a few times. Ultimately however it was one of the best nights of sleep she's had in recent memory.

2. Jewelry Box- Kristy has suffered long enough with a very old and very small jewelery box (I use suffer very loosely). Much of Kristy's jewelry ends up on various tables in our bedroom. After 4 hours of searching and two different malls Caleb and I secured a pretty sweet wooden jewelry box with about 50 drawers, compartments, hooks and ring holders. It's a dark wood with silver accents. We scored with that one.

3. A day with the family. Today Kristy got to pick our afternoon activity. After church we jumped in the car and ended up at a family fun center playing miniature golf. Caleb and I also took some swings in the batting cage and Cman also got to play about 25 different arcade games and rack up 318 prize tickets. Twas a good time.

Below is the video of me giving Kristy a lesson on the 17th hole. We're not talking about the score.. it's really not about who won... it's all about this particular hole where I obviously show my dominance. Toward the end the video gets hilarious as Caleb melts down. You'll see why in the video. Have fun.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Sunday, May 10, 2009


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Twyla said...

All 3 of our kids have had the exact same melt down on hole 18!


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