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College Bible Study Recap

Had a great time tonight with some students from Towson University who came over for our 'Cook Out & Dig In' bible study. We had a downpour just before we were scheduled to start so we had to bring the food inside but apart from that all else went very well. I was pumped to interact with these students tonight.

To give you a sense for the environment I'll just say that we didn't have any 'churchy' kids here tonight. While some had a church background and a couple attend a church, most are college students either very young in their faith and even one guy who said at the beginning of the night "I'm not religious."

With this group of students most not being used to a bible study... we had amazing interaction. What I observed and was reminded of by Mikael (one of our team members) was that the students were able to gain insight from each other as much as they were from me. The level of conversation was great and the honesty and transparency was flat out inspiring. The students who came tended to be cool in their own skin and interested in developing or growing in their faith.

The guy who started the night by saying he wasn't 'religious' said he plans to be back and he publicly thanked his friend who invited him. He said that he's interested in learning more about God. He's a solid kid who I look forward to getting to know.

The cool thing was that tonight we covered about half of Acts chapter 1 and we talked about the command to "be my witness". The students - unprompted - started to talk about how they want their friends at Towson to come to know Christ as Savior and at the end of the night they asked for more invite fliers and asked for prayer as they invite their friends back next week.

I'm so stoked! Thanks for your prayers... those of you who are praying for Captivate Church and what we're doing in Baltimore. God blessed our efforts tonight!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, May 05, 2009


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