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Pine Ridge Church - Tadd Grandstaff

I had the great honor of hanging out with Tadd Grandstaff today. He and Pine Ridge Church hosted a gathering of church planters from around North Carolina. My schedule worked to be able to join this group. I've never been to Pine Ridge before so check out this video of my first look at Pine Ridge. Also you'll meet a few of the planters who were in the lobby early.

Tadd and his team did it right! I really enjoyed how they ran the planters meeting. As you registered you were able to write a question. Tadd's team simply took the questions and listed them out according to relevance to this group of planters. If that wasn't enough at the end Tadd opened it up to pressing questions. Then he asked "What is your biggest struggle or frustration you're working through right now?" The spirit in the room was of humility and growth. No show boats here.
Also, Tadd did a great job of hosting without coming across as the only wisdom in the room. He said "This is more for us to help each other and ultimately plant churches together." That's the kind of attitude we need to have among networks.

I've seen far too many church planter meetings where someone behind the desk plans out 4 hours of a planters day to tell him what he needs to know. Not everyone is on the same level or stage of growth. That format makes some people feel stupid and others feel arrogant. This format allowed more flexibility than what most organizations do. Well done Tadd.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, November 20, 2008


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