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A Pastor who gets 'IT'

A few months ago I spoke with a local Pastor named Rob Edwards.  Our conversation centered around his efforts to reach cross culturally to his community.  Rob knows of my background in the inner city and my passion to bridge the gap between suburban and urban populations.  As is the case with many American churches, Rob is Pastoring an older congregation in a neighborhood that doesn't resemble his congregation.  In our discussion we touched upon various concerns and issues and ultimately Rob asked for my take on his situation. 

Sensing that he had a genuine heart to do whatever he could to reach the community I suggested "Rob, you have to decide what the right thing to do is and then just do it dispite the critics.  In 15 years your church may not be around to complain.  So you can keep peace by doing nothing or you can push through critics by risking it all.  Ask God how you can reach out to the community with love and when you get that answer, do it." 

Rob has found part of his answer through a program I introduced on my blog called "Angel Food Ministries" which sells food at about half price.  Angel Food is able to offer these amazing prices because of their national buying-power.  Through churches they can distribute food quickly and effeciently.  ANYONE can buy the food (there is no qualification) and the quality of the products is as good or better than what is in your refrigerator right now.  

Rob just started to take orders at his church office for this month's delivery of food.  He Twittered a few hours ago "robedwardslivewe've had nearly 300 phone calls today for Angel Food Ministry.@tallywilgis It's all YOUR fault, brother!" 

While our conversation may have prompted a tug in Rob's heart I can only sit back in amazement at how he's sprung into action.  It's guys like Rob that make me proud to be apart of this fraternity of Pastors today.  Rob understands that its his job to make it hard to go to hell from Craddock!

Check out this article in our paper about Rob and Angel Food.  Then head over to RobEdwardsLive.com and drop him a note telling him how proud you are to be his brother/sister in Christ.  There are a lot of people being able to eat because of his faithfulness.  My prayer and expectation is that many of those people will also hear the saving message of Jesus Christ through Rob and his love for his community!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Wednesday, September 17, 2008


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