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Get With Angel Food

I came across this organization today and it lines up completely with so many of my passions.
If you don't feel like reading jump down to the video. Then come back and read :)

Recently I've had several conversations with pastors who have facilities but are having a tough time with how to impact their communities. If you're in a situation like that I fully encourage you to consider learning more about this organization.
They are a domestic hunger relief group that offers boxes of high quality foods for about half-price. There is no catch and there are no forms and no applications. Anyone can participate so it is not aimed at only homeless folks but is also a resource for the working poor who find it difficult to afford groceries. Heck, you may want to go through them to help out a family member or a friend. All of their products come from top-brand vendors who sell to restaurants. Buying in bulk is what (in part) helps them get affordable prices to the public.

Menu: Click to see current menu

The way they work is by shipping products to local distribution centers (YOUR CHURCH) when someone places an order. The recipient can then come to the distribution center and pick up their order. Orders are placed on BEHALF of people or by the family in need themselves. They have Internet orders so you and I can donate boxes of food. Each box costs $30 but includes $60 or more of food. Additionally the menu rotates and their website offers various recopies for how to make specialty items from the menu in each box.

Lets say you know of a rough part of town where you are certain that someone is in need. You can punch in the zip code and donate an extra box of food to that particular distribution center. Another case may be that you hear of a disaster (tornado, earthquake, flood). You can buy food that the distribution center can give away on your behalf. More personally lets say you pass by a home where you know a single mom lives with several kids. Maybe you could simply buy the items and go to the distribution center and pick them up yourself so you can deliver them. Share Christ in a practical way. After all- "People don't care what you know until they know that you care."

I love this concept. If you have a heart for poverty issues and you want to do something in your community why don't you see if there is a distribution center in your town. Go help them by volunteering. If there isn't a distribution center near you maybe you could step up and get your church on board.

I see such an opportunity for this right now when food prices are rising and the economy is taking a beating. You and I can get active to help a neighbor across the street just as much as someone living on the street.

Check out the video below. It's worth 10 minutes of your time.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, June 12, 2008


At 8:42 AM, Blogger Happy Mommy said...

I just heard about this ministry while trying to help a family in need in our church! Great program!


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