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Proof is in the pudding (belly)

Yesterday as I was posting pictures of Caleb's fun at the YMCA pool and water park I had to sort through the 30 or so pictures my wife took of us playing. Looking through those pictures I saw things about myself I really didn't want to or expect to see. I saw that my gut has gotten to a place I've never seen before. Instead of the trim and somewhat muscular abs I remember from college, it looked like my gut was full of pudding. I saw that my farmer's tan looks gross and I saw that I need a haircut.

You'd think that being me I may know a few of these things. Nope. When I look down at my arms I see something that resembles a tan. When I look at my growing gut in the mirror I am standing so I don't see what my wife sees when I'm sitting on the sofa eating an ice cream bar. About my hair... yeah... I knew it was time for a cut.

What's the principle? Sometimes you need to see things from a new perspective. A different angle. Fresh eyes.

In ministry its always been good to listen to my messages and watch video of myself. It's equally as valuable to have friends sit in on services and offer feedback. Don't be afraid of getting feedback. After all, proof is in the pudding (belly).

By the way: This morning I hit the gym and ran for a half-hour. It was just the beginning.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, July 14, 2008


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