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Pre WiBo

Whiteboard hasn't started but I've had a great time already. Having the opportunity to connect with Tadd Grandstaff and Jeff Kapusta has been great. A friend from Chesapeake, Dave Farwell met up with me earlier in the night so the four of us hung out tonight.

We took some time to hit up the Reston Town Center area and stopped in to visit with the various crews who are setting up for the conference tomorrow. We found Ben Arment calm and collected and teams of people systematically making the place pop. I love the atmosphere of the facility Ben chose for Whiteboard. It is large enough to accommodate everyone but Reston itself and the facility in particular give you a feeling of a much more intimate setting.

Tomorrow (actually today...its 1am) will be a great day. I'm certain. I'm usually pretty lax about conferences but I'm pretty amped for this one. The timing is perfect for me right now for many reasons and the content very fresh. I love ideas and challenging, thought provoking discussion. I have a feeling tomorrow will provide both. Additionally, I have been cheering for Ben throughout this entire process and to see what God has done through his leadership is pretty inspiring. I'm so excited to see Ben move over to the Catalyst team and I'm very proud for him and for what he's done here.

If you're reading this and you're attending WiBo, I look forward to meeting/seeing you. If you aren't at the conference do not forget to check it all about at ConferenceChannel.org. Thank me later.

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posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, May 22, 2008


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