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Huckabee in VA Today!

(I endorse)

What a great event in Norfolk, Va today! Governor Huckabee spent some time in my back door and I was privliged to attend with my friends Nick and John as well as my beautiful bride Kristy.

An overflow crowd formed well before the 12 noon event in Norfolk and with spontanious cheers and rally cries this group showed their enthusiasm for the candidate that best supports conservative values.

Mike Huckabee gave another flawless presentation of why anyone who considers themselves a conservative on foriegn policy, economic policy or social policies should vote for the Governor. The only man with executive experience left in the race and who happens to not have a second home in Washington D.C. at the moment.

There have been two areas where conservatives have had questions about Governor Huckabee, immigration and taxes. With immigration he has the support of Duncan Hunter (who was present today) and the founder of the Minute Man project. Regarding the questions of taxes his record has been grosely misrepresented but additionally it seems rather sobering to think that this candidate is running with a platform of putting the IRS out of business. How much more fiscally conservative can we get?

I'm so excited to go out tomorrow and vote for Governor Mike Huckabee. I look for all of my mid-atlantic friends to do the same!

So this week it's Huckabee for me! [He's for you too, you just don't know it yet.]

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, February 11, 2008


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