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God: ::whack:: | Tally: "Ouch!"

Tonight while I was playing basketball (yes I took care of Kristy for Valentines Day and yes I got her permission to go), I had another moment where I felt like God was reminding me of some basics we all must learn over and over again.

:: Timeout ::
I heard John Maxwell say long ago that we have only learned those things that we actually practice. Under this definition I believe we all can re-learn some things.
:: Time-in ::

So while I'm playing basketball I missed a few shots and got on myself... I started thinking "Just be disciplined. Remain calm and stay disciplined."

In this moment (I'm strange like this) I felt like God was tapping me on the shoulder. "Yeah. Remain disciplined. Don't you know that Discipline and disciple come from the same route word?"

Was it God? I don't know. Was it merely the way I'm wired to think? I don't know. Either way it was that still voice you get both when you think and when you sense God speaking. What I do know is that I've allowed that thought to continue to stir my soul tonight.

Discipline and Disciple. If I'm to be a disciple of Christ I have to remained DISCIPLINED.

There is an extreme to everything of course... Focusing so much on the Discipline would turn you into a legalist who doesn't embrace the love and mystery of grace. But embracing the concept that we're just "Followers of Christ" without building some concrete understanding of what that practically means would basically put you on a boat in the middle of the spiritual ocean. We have to have some guides.

So for this "Follower of Christ" I will be focused on asking myself about my life of discipline. I will not only challenge myself to be involved in more spiritual disciplines but also daily disciplines. Being a disciple shouldn't lead me to getting out of shape and unhealthy. Being a follower of Christ should lead to an enjoyment of a disciplined life where the Holy Spirit has free reign to do only what the Holy Spirit can do.

Discipline.... my word of the week.
Just in case anyone doubted. This is what my wife came home to today. We unpacked our picnic and brought the little guy along for the ride. We enjoyed a great 'picnic' in our living room. Now I'm going to enjoy... g'nite!

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, February 14, 2008


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