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I Was Broke...

I Was Broke Now I'm Not is the self published work authored by New Spring Church's Joseph Sangl. The title is the primary reason you should invest in a copy of the book. With much of the church congregation handicapped with debt you do have influence over someone who needs the material found in this book.

Although Sangl openly shares principles learned from renowned budget specialist Dave Ramsey, the uniqueness of this book is found not in the concepts but in the voice. A passionate advocate for financial transformation, Sangl shares from the insight and passion of a man who knows both the burden of broke as well as the fruit of being frugal. As you hear his mistakes and successes you quickly see the reality of financial freedom hitting you up-side your head. It's not rocket science, it's discipline.

From baby steps to insurance options, Sangl runs the gamut when it comes to financial principles. If you want a book to read when you're having trouble falling asleep, this is not your book. If you want a textbook of 400+ pages, no dice. If you do however want something to hand every person in your life who needs to wake up and smell the bank account, this is your ticket. Take the plunge and buy this book. At 121 pages you will not find a more pointed and practical piece of work on this subject. Get the book, read it over and then pass it (and the tools) along to people who need it. The dude will help you help others get a grip on their finances.

Get the book.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, January 28, 2008


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