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Celebrating the Calendar

I have to admit it. I've never been a huge fan of celebrating the changing of a calendar. My wife on the other hand loves traditional celebrations and the New Year is no exception. I could say that we compliment one another but she'd call me a party pooper on the issue.

The New Year however does have a psychological affect on most people and provides a milepost by which to offer us on and off ramps to habits, projects and experiences. This is the time of year people tend to start things or re-start things. At Barnes and Nobel tonight I overheard a guy headed for the counter tell his friend that he was getting a frappichino. The friend replied "That's certainly not how you keep your resolution to loose weight." Standing in front of the Barista the self proclaimed weight watcher rebutted "Well, I'll start tomorrow."

Such is the seriousness people take to the New Year.

Today my wife asked why I am cynical about the whole resolution thing. Then she stopped me from answering and said "Nevermind... you'll tell me that if people are serious about changing their life they won't need to look at a calendar to decide to do that."


So here's to changing your life. Here's to changing my life. Honestly I pray everyday we change our lives for the better and we spend our lives trying to help improve the conditions of others. Let's help people to keep in mind however that they don't have to wait 364 more days to make that commitment. Since most of you are in the life-changing business I know you will.

Happy New Year friends.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Tuesday, January 01, 2008


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