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Haggard Resigns amid accusations

Link: Rev. Ted Haggard resigns amid homosexual sex allegations.

I don't know if this is severely political in nature or if the timing
is immaterial but I feel terribly for the people of New Life Church and
the NAE.

At a minimum this serves as another call for Pastors to have solid
accountability in the area of sexual purity. Too many of God's men get
taken out this way. Regardless of if these allegations are true we should all remember that we're in a spiritual battle and the enemy pulls no punches.

I'm also going to be in prayer for the NAE and New Life in the days to come.

Link: Press Release from the church

Update 11-3: Haggard admits buying drugs and getting massage. He denies the rest.
Update 11-4: Board: 'Haggard out as Pastor of New Life'

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Friday, November 03, 2006


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