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Teams are vital. I read Perry's post about his team and Matt's post about his. God is putting a new team around me right now and well... I like it alot!

Some of the players on the team are making BIG faith steps to be on the team with me and for that I am extremely greatful. Everytime God has wanted to do something huge in my life it seems like he's always put me on a bumpy road just before he revealed his plan in it all. His plan is taking shape and although there are a few unknowns... most of the picture is illuminated and I gotta say... I love what he's up to.

One of the things about this team is that I see how he's brought a few guys who are very similar to me around me. They get where I'm coming from and what seems like common sense to me is common sense to them. That my friends is not commonplace in ministry. I'm pretty stoked right now about what's up God's sleeve... Keep us in your prayers.

Also keep in your prayers the funding I need to raise. It's vital that God grants us favor with a few people and churches to pitch in. This one is a God thing that He'll get every ounce of credit for. I pray you see God's hand in your life and ministry this week. It's a pretty cool ride when you know who's behind it all!

Teams are good.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, October 23, 2006


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