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Pray for People

We do 'connection cards' at Focal Point similar to what many churches do. We ask everyone to fill one out and give us feedback or prayer requests or just say hello. Well, each week we get powerful cards. Some weeks it's a monster of a prayer... some weeks it's a praise and sometimes it's just good encouragement or a joke from a friend in the crowd.

This week was no different. A mom asking for prayer and counsel in dealing with her daughter who's been putting herself into damaging situations as well as another card from a young woman who wants to 'get out of the way so Jesus can keep doing what he's doing in my life'. Awesome.

Guys, Gals.... people look to us and they trust us to come through by praying for them. I was just thinking here tonight as I watch the game "Tally, pray for these whom I've put into your path." So I did. I stopped and prayed. I want to encourage you to stop and do the same for the people God has you connected to. Cool? Cool.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Monday, October 23, 2006


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