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So I was thinking...

I was thinking about how much I love what I do. Not because it's easy (it's not), not because people 'get me' (many don't) but because as a child of God with a vision for God's church I enjoy a quiet sense of calm knowing that the pieces are being moved into place for what God is about to do.

In that quiet confidence however I've thought of some things that would have made this process better. Not from a point of God letting anything down but rather from man's approach to doing this church-planting thing.
1. Organizations planting churches should focus on quality over quantity. I'm speaking mainly about orgs that do major financing here. Investing resources in 100's of churches is a waste if they all still need your resources in 5 years. I've come to believe that it's better to take those same resources and fund 20 solid churches very well. Find better criteria to judge who will make a good planter and fund the heck out of them.
2. Team planting is the only way to go. I would never again plant a church flying solo. A voice from the Lord would be the only thing that would ever get me to go at it alone.... and frankly I don't think He'd ask that of his people. Churches are to be planted in teams. There are TONS of benefits to a team plant. The biggest of which is the built in support system and the fact that each of you has one another's back. It's cool to talk to other planters and they help out a ton but the reality is that those doing the planting with you have the best view of the situation. They have their 'boots on the ground' so to speak. If you are considering planting... don't open your doors until you have a team you trust and love working alongside you.

BTW- Tadd is doing a fantastic job at this down at Pine Ridge Church

3. I wish fewer people said "Let us know if we can help you." Before you misunderstand me, read the rest. In church planting there are always needs. As a planter it is extremely tough to ask people for help. We have to do this and we will if we want the plant to grow but I honestly wish that those who are genuine about helping would say "What need can we meet today?" I've had people ask me this question and it is a dramatic difference to hear this versus "Let us know..." It seems as though the "Let us know..." crowd is almost saying that out of obligation. Never when I wanted to help the poor have I looked at the poor man and said "Let me know if I can help you sometime." I've always just given. No questions, no show. I've just simply said "Here you go." Other times when I didn't feel compelled to give I have walked on by. (When you grow up in Baltimore this happens rather frequently) So I guess I'd say to those who want to help church planters... don't tell them to 'let you know'. Just go and say "We want to help. What can we do?"

4. Church planting is viewed as an "Us v. Them" issue. It's not. We're all in this together. Church planters step away from the comfort zone. Most church planters have great hearts and great passion for reaching the lost. They are not the enemy of any church. It would be cool to see the church of the Living God begin to look at church planters as their brother/sisters instead of competitors. It would also be cool if church planters didn't blast their elders so much. Guys, if I want to wear different clothes than my parents, I don't start doing that by blasting my parents for their preferences. I just change my style.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Thursday, October 19, 2006


At 5:18 PM, Blogger Tadd Grandstaff said...

Hey bro! Thanks for the words man...I really appreciate it. I know you are probably slammed right now, but maybe sometime next week we can hook-up or something I would love to hear how things are coming and see what is going on for you guys...let me know what works best for you! Thanks again man!


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