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Carpe Diem

I'm convinced more than ever that far too few Christians have truly experienced the power of the Word of God transforming their being. Among those who have shared in this blessing are far too many who attach that experience to a moment in their life as opposed to a revolution of their soul. I'm begging God to allow me to be a vessel of his transforming power. I want the words I speak into the lives of the called be words of transformation, restoration and exaltation. I pray that no matter the venue people will be confident to know that when we approach God's word together we can be assured of the phrase "Thus sayeth the Lord."

As students of Jesus we'd experience his transforming power in a more intimate way if we'd learn to make much of him and less of ourselves, much of his Word and less of our own and much of His presence in our lives and less of the distractions around us. Christians get dry when they aren't being watered by the Word of God, Fellowship of his people, awe of his creation, etc. Its as if we live in the middle of God's writing on the wall and yet we walk on by. I pray for all of us who represent Christ's called that we would be living examples of a life completely and joyfully satisfied by Him. Let none of us go into our sermon tomorrow thirsty but rather let us be overflowing with the realization of who God is.

Our words always carry the weight of our hearts. I'm praying that my words tomorrow come with the power and grace of the very heart of God. I pray for his people to be compelled to follow in spite of all else. Not that they follow me or any plans I may have but that they would follow the calling of God to the ends of the earth singing the Lord's song on their heart.

posted by Tally Wilgis @ Saturday, October 07, 2006


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous The Prophet said...

Be transformed by the Word of God and God will use you as a vessel to transform others.


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